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Thursday, 08 January 2015 10:25

5 Ways to Bomb an Interview!

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It's not surprising that occasionally job seekers prevent themselves from getting a job, but you might be surprised at how they do it. Below are 5 ways you are almost guaranteed to bomb the interview, they might give you an idea of what to avoid.

These come to me from the mouths of HR People and Hiring Managers, and occasionally from the applicants themselves. 

1. Losing control of yourself: An employer flew the candidate in on the corporate je to get the offer, and the candidate helped himself to the 'all you can drink' bar on the Lear jet. Thus ending his career with the firm before it started.

2. Giving the employer reason to believe that you don't intend to stay long:One applicant admitted that he only needed a job for 6 months than he would quit, so he could help his wife run a daycare out of their home.

3. Admitting that you prefer to keep your job and are using the interview as leverage against your employer. I had an applicant brag about it, and he was promptly shown the door. (see my article "5 Reasons Counter Offers Are Bad)

4.Not dressing appropriately for the interview. I once had an applicant show up to the interview dressed in pajama bottoms, and a biker jacket. They were very polite in the interview, but it lasted a mere 10 minutes.

5. Talking your way out of the job. Admitting your shortcomings, telling the employer you are prejudice/racist, asking the employer on a date, sharing your views on politics or religion, or just talking too much.

Believe it or not everything you say or do in an interview is up for consideration. Plan your visit, dress for success, focus as if the job is the only one you want, never discuss your previous employer in a negative way, and never mix business with pleasure. Follow these guidelines and you should do better in your interviews. 

About me: Hello my name is Mike Devlin, and I have 18 years’ experience in the staffing world mostly advocating for job seekers. Through education, and critical advice I help people improve their job searches by helping them define what they seek; helping them express their experience and their goals, and helping them improve their interview skills.

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