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Thursday, 07 June 2012 06:56

Education to overcome his disability

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He aims to become web designer. He does everything to get there. And, despite his disability. Neeyamuthkhan Hussein is proof that muscular dystrophy and education are not incompatible. He is graduating from the institute SNIT Business School in Computer Studies.

Hussein, 19, is like no other. He is born with a serious handicap in the legs and lightly touching his arm. Muscular dystrophy which Hussein seems to ignore … to move forward in life. His disability has given him a maturity that would envy. It was in Form III as our champion discovered a passion for computers. This is an Islamic school teacher who has guided.

“My teacher at that time told me that a career in IT field would suit me perfectly. Furthermore, I excelled.  This is where I took my first course in computer science, ” says Hussein

May 13, 2010 is a day that is not soon forget. It was the day of exams and also that of the birthday of his little sister. It brought him good luck.The day before, according to his mother, Hussein has spent his entire holy day at his computer. “He did not even lunch. He was concentrated in his revisions. In the evening, I had to go into his room and dinner with him so that he eats. It’s like this almost every day.He spends all his time at his computer. It was he who taught us, my husband and me, to use this machine. He wants to make his passion his profession and we are all behind him, “says his mom.

Hussein thinks to pursue his studies, always at SNIT Business School, to become a web designer. Meanwhile, We wish him luck!.

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