Security +

Security +

Foundation Level for Security



The Security+ Course is a valued and recognized validation of the technical knowledge required of Foundation-level security practitioners. A Security+ certified individual has successfully proven holding a foundation-level of skill and knowledge in General Security Concepts, Communication Security, Infrastructure Security, Basics of Cryptography and Operational / Organizational Security.

 Candidates are recommended to have two years experience in a networking role with preexisting knowledge of TCP/IP, experience in a security related role, Network+ or equivalent certificate in Networking, and adequate training and self-study materials. All candidates are encouraged to review the Security+ objectives thoroughly.

• A+ or N+ or any equivalent certificate in Networking
General Security Concepts
•Communication Security
•Infrastructure Security
•Basics of Cryptography
•Operational/Organizational Security

•Written Paper
Price: Rs 8000
Payment Terms: Rs 3000 + 2 Installments of Rs 2500
40 Hours (2 Hours per session)
Days: Saturday

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