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The vision of SNIT is to be an innovative, modern, international business school committed to create the best possible future for all our stakeholders. Technology becomes part of our learning environment and expands the range and reach of the quality academic programmes we offer. Our graduates are career-ready; excel in their disciplines and are able to work effectively, both independently and in teams. Moreover, at SNIT we try to giveLife-long learning opportunities for those from under-served communities who do not have ready access to tertiary education. Improve our systems and processes for administration and information support through the appropriate use of technology and benchmarking to deliver an exceptional service.
Snit has the mission to preserve the initial will of his Eminence Maulana Shah Ahmad Noorani Siddiqui; Chief Patron of the world Islamic Mission to provide education and knowledge for the better well being of individuals and our society which resume to humanness and its values. Snit will be the community's gate of knowledge in various field; and a recognized institution promoting wellbeing of our society.
The major stakeholder considered by the SNIT Business School is the society in which the companies operate. This is why the company believes in returning the wealth to the society. The stakeholders who are involved are listed below:
1. Snit Staff,
2. Wim Board Members,
3. Mauritius Qualification Authority,
4. TEC,
5. SNIT Partners,
6. Administrators
SNIT will focus in these areas to achieve its objectives and goalsCurriculum, Teaching and Learning, the Learning Environment and Quality Assurance. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To prepare GRADUATES for the 21st century that is the student must acquire the following characteristics after their pathway at SNIT:
1. One who can be referred as a critical and creative thinker,
2. Problem solving abilities, communicator,
3. Competent,
4. A team Leader,
5. IT Skilled and Social And Cultural Orientation Ethical,
6. Innovation and Entrepreneurial abilities,
7. A life long and self motivated Learner,
8. Knowledgeable and informed as weare living in the “Information Age”

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