Step 1: Visa Application
International Students are required to fill in the registration form and the visa form.
The Visa form is to be filled by foreign students and be sent by courier at our address and by email.

Applicants can go on for any other details concerning Application to enter Mauritius.

Find the list of procedures and steps to be done for international students  below:

  •     Application forms to enter Mauritius duly filled and signed by applicant- VISA Form
  •     Two recent passport sized photos of applicant and his dependents (if applicable)
  •     Photocopy of data pages of applicant’s passport + that of dependents
  •     Registration form as evidence of admission at SNIT
  •     Evidence of funds to meet costs of training/ courses and living in Mauritius (Bank Statement)
  •     Evidence of accommodation in Mauritius
  •     An undertaking by applicant that he/she would not engage in any financial gainful activities in Mauritius.
  •     In case of minor, a letter of consent from responsible party/guardian to be produced.
  •     Morality Certificate from his local police department
  •     Medical certificate certifying he/she is not HIV positive or any other contagious diseases.

 Step 2: Work and Residence permit

Applicants should ensure that approval has been obtained from relevant authorities (Work and Residence permit) before undertaking any travel to Mauritius.

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